Big UAW Wins! The Power of Solidarity!

Oct 31, 2023 | PDA News

The Power of Solidarity in Action!


UAW_300.jpgThousands of UAW brothers and sisters have risked so much by standing up to the Big 3 automobile manufacturers.

But it looks like it’s paying off!

There are now tentative agreements with all of the Big 3, and UAW members will review and vote whether or not to accept.

We are proud to have stood with UAW strikers (and others) over the past year, and will continue to stand strong with all union brothers and sisters as they fight for living wages and conditions for ALL of us!

UAW-driven actions will continue until the members ratify the contracts. So please stand up one of the following ways:

  • Join a picket line/other street action. It’s one of the most inspiring ways you’ll ever spend an hour. Let us know if you’ll do it and we’ll help make it happen.

  • Make Calls to fellow PDA members near strike locations to inspire them to join a picket. Click here to get a quick (1 hour) list and script
  • Click Here to support PDA’s work on behalf of organized labor with a generous gift. Please give whatever you can spare, and make it an automatic monthly sustaining gift if possible.

We’ve seen multiple wins for the labor movement recently, and energy is definitely building. Let’s make some more noise!

Thanks so much for anything you can do!

In solidarity,

The PDA National Team