Biden Administration Moving Forward. Help Provide Direction.

Jan 23, 2021

In solidarity,

Mike Fox for the PDA National Team

There Are Better Times On The Horizon 


As insurrectionists are being tracked down and dozens are being charged with federal crimes, and with Speaker Pelosi planning on transmitting the Article of Impeachment to the Senate on Monday, it’s a bizarre environment for the Biden Administration to be kick-starting their actions on behalf of us all.

We ask you and all of our PDA activists to help keep everyone on track by joining our efforts this week, however you can.

1) Tell your Congressperson to support Rep. Cori Bush’s call to hold House members accountable if they played a role in the riot on Jan. 6.  Use this easy tool and share with your friends.

2) Contact your Senators to impress upon them that unity only comes after justice, and Donald J. Trump must be convicted in the Senate.  Calls are most effective, but you can email as well here

3) Make sure that the Biden administration and the Democratic-controlled House and Senate pass legislation that reflects the desires of the majority of Americans, regardless of whether Republicans attempt to obstruct. If given the same power that we can wield right now, McConnell and crew have already proven they would use it against the will of the people. This is the time for unity with the people, not obstructionist Republican elected officials. Join the Congressional Office Liaison team in your district to organize monthly outreach with your local congressional office(s).  (Click here if you have any trouble with the form.)

4) Can’t volunteer? Then please contribute all you can to our efforts to bring justice, promote truly progressive legislation, and support progressive candidates for office.

Thanks so much for anything you can do to make a more progressive world for all.

PS: Our PDA Healthcare Emergency Town Hall for this Sunday has been postponed due to a time conflict with the National Medicare for All Strategy Conference sponsored by and to be attended by so many of our partners in the struggle. Look forward to participating once again on Sunday, January 31.  RSVP here.