Bernie 2020?

Jan 23, 2018

By Donna Smith, Executive Director – Progressive Democrats of America

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To Say: “Run Bernie, Run!”

We at Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) first launched our “Run Bernie Run” petition in 2013 when our late founder, Tim Carpenter and our political director Steve Cobble urged us to call on Bernie Sanders to run for president as a Democrat in 2016. The rest, as the saying goes, is history. Imagine how differently things might be proceeding if Bernie were our president. Words matter. Ethics matter. Human decency matters. Integrity matters. Common sense matters. Sign & Share The Petition Saying: “Run Bernie, Run!”

Sign & Share: “Run Bernie, Run!”

Now, although we are in a much different situation, we’re once again asking you to join us saying “Run Bernie, Run”. The Trump regime is a terrible threat to us all. Just this past weekend, Bernie was being interviewed on CNN by Jake Tapper, and he said that if the Dreamers (the 800,000 young people covered by the Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals, or DACA) are not protected. Bernie stated that will be “a stain on this nation from which we might well never recover.” We agree. If you agree, Sign & Share The Petition Saying: “Run Bernie, Run!”

Until we watched and listened to so many of the Senate Democrats cave in to the wildly disingenuous “deal” offered by the Senate Trumpublicans to reopen the federal government, we might have thought about waiting to release any comments about the 2020 presidential race. We were absolutely disgusted by the vote, but we were also thrilled with the slate of progressive Senators who held the line.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were among our progressive champions who voted not to pass the continuing resolution unless the Dreamers were protected. No one ought see this petition as our choosing a favorite between these two incredible Senators—we honor and will stand with them both. Bernie gets our nod for now, and so we’re asking you to Sign & Share The Petition Saying: “Run Bernie, Run!”.

We are proud to have been the original Berniecrats, but we also know that Bernie has helped launch thousands of new groups and campaigns all over the country and globally as his clarity, his intelligence, his courage, and his compassion resonated widely. PDA held house parties and events throughout the nation and eventually fielded 226 elected Bernie delegates to the DNC convention in Philadelphia.

When Bernie lost the primary, we followed his gracious and powerful lead in continuing to work hard for Democratic gains in the general election and to demand reforms within the Democratic Party that might better reflect a strongly progressive base. Though we are not officially a part of the DNC, we are committed to continuing to elect as many progressive Democrats to DC as is humanly possible. That won’t be a “gimme” this year in the mid-terms—especially if the Dems fail to strongly stand up to the damage being done by Trump and his minions. Do you agree? If you do, Sign & Share The Petition Saying: “Run Bernie, Run!”.

We need to be able to stand behind leaders like Senator Sanders who many media outlets have reported is the most popular Democrat in the nation but who is also one of the most trustworthy Congressional members the nation has ever had. Bernie is consistent, powerful, and unafraid of the bully in the White House.

Bernie Sanders knows that Trump’s “populism” is nothing more than a billionaire’s ploy to appear like he is not the ultra-wealthy, racist, sexist con-man that he is and to act as though he is “every man.” Bernie knows how to treat all people decently without pretending. We honor that leadership quality. If you agree, Sign & Share The Petition Saying: “Run Bernie, Run!”

Please sign and share the petition. Bernie. 2020. We’re going to have a lot of messes to repair and let’s make sure we are in the strongest position to do that and to move forward for all of us.

Run Bernie, Run!

Peace and solidarity,

Donna Smith for the PDA National Team

PS: Bernie is holding a streamed town hall on healthcare tonight (Tuesday, 1/23) at 7pm Eastern. Swing by and get some reinforcement on why Bernie would make a great president. Then Sign & Share The Petition Saying: “Run Bernie, Run!”.

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  1. Bill Farina

    Let’s have 20/20 vision this time and elect Bernie as our next president.