Be safe, be well, be at peace

Apr 12, 2020

Be safe, be well, be at peace,

Your PDA National Staff

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) wishes you a safe,
healthy holiday. Instead of our usual “Sustainer Sunday”
fundraising email, we urge you to Tell Congress: We need
adequate COVID-19 legislation that protects healthcare
and the USPS—the latter must be fully
functioning to allow for fair and inclusive vote-by-mail


As Christians celebrate Easter and Jews celebrate Passover, governments around the world are prohibiting mass and even small gatherings of people in desperate efforts to slow the spread of the deadly novel coronavirus pandemic.

Later this month, Muslims will begin the month of Ramadan, a time for spiritual reflection and heightened devotion and worship. The common core of these celebrations is the affirmation of life, community, and spiritual renewal.

This year is different. This year, we cannot be physically together. For the preservation of life and the good of the community, our rituals and celebrations of spiritual renewal must take place virtually or in memory of times past and hope of times future.

Today, we pause—in our homes and in our hearts—apart yet together in spirit. Is there no act more symbolic of these holy celebrations than temporary sacrifice of tradition for the preservation of life and community?

Act now! Demand Protections for Nurses
and Other Frontline Health Professionals

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Protect Nurses, Patients, and the Public Health

TODAY, Join Our Emergency Healthcare Online Meeting
April 12th, 4-5pm ET, 1-2pm PT—RSVP to Mike Fox



P.S.: Please remember to RSVP to Mike Fox to join our Healthcare Emergency Virtual Town Hall / Webinar TODAY, Sunday 4/12 from 4-5pm ET, 1-2pm PT. Mike will provide all the call-in information.

Then, join PDA investing to enact Medicare For All and science-based, effective, emergency COVID-2019 response policies.