Barbara Lee Speaks For Me

Jul 31, 2018

photo: BT: PDA Advisory Board Member, Rep. Barbara Lee with Our California Team

By  Donna Smith, PDA Executive Director Emeritus, for Mike H., Mike F., Judy, Deb, Janis, Dan, Kimberly, Bryan, and Dr. Bill—your PDA National team

On many Tuesdays, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) features a progressive hero who “Trumps Trump.” Someone who would be a truly exemplary leader during these dark days when a steady, uniting force is so conspicuously absent from the White House. This week, we honor PDA Advisory Board Member Barbara Lee. No one leads on progressive values more forcefully than this amazing woman.

Peace. Justice. Courage. Those words come to mind when we think of Representative Barbara Lee, (D-CA13). She has proven to us all throughout her 19-year+ tenure in Congress that she stands for a more peaceful nation and world. She has proven to her constituents that she represents them well by carrying every election by huge margins—often wining more than 80 percent of votes cast from her district.

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Rep. Barbara Lee speaks for all of us:

”Maya Angelou once said, ‘When someone shows you who they are, believe them.’ President Trump has shown us exactly who he is by surrounding himself with men who have spent their careers trying to take healthcare away from women.”

”A war with North Korea would put millions of lives at risk. Diplomacy is the only answer. It’s time to end the name calling and saber rattling.”

“Kids can’t see us bombing, and then listen to us talking about getting guns out of the schools. How can we tell them to solve problems without violence, if, in fact, we can’t show an ability to solve problems without violence?”

These are the words of a leader. These are only a sample of what Barbara Lee chooses to say to the world. How different is that from the trash we hear coming from the White House? And the Trumpublicans just keep warming up to the bully who is their standard bearer as if any of this is normal.

PDA honors the leadership, the clarity, and the genuine compassion Rep. Barbara Lee brings to her district in the Bay Area of California, to our nation and to our world. Thank you, Rep. Lee for serving the 13th Congressional District of California since 1998, and thank you for being our voice against a cruel and selfish conservatism that has grown up around Trump. Justice will prevail. You speak our truth to power, and we have your back.

In solidarity,

Donna Smith, PDA Executive Director Emeritus, for Mike H., Mike F., Judy, Deb, Janis, Dan, Kimberly, Bryan, and Dr. Bill—your PDA National team

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