Arizona Democratic Party Votes Conditional NO CONFIDENCE On Senator Sinema

Sep 26, 2021 | PDA News

Si Se Puede,
Dan O’Neal, for the PDA National Team

Let’s Fight for the “Build Back Better” Reconciliation Bill


By an overwhelming 81% vote, the Arizona Democratic Party (ADP) passed a resolution on September 25 pledging a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema if she fails to vote to reform the filibuster or doesn’t support President Biden’s “Build Back Better” reconciliation bill.

Some 676 delegates to the Arizona Democratic State Committee, the ADP’s leading policy-making body, debated on its zoom call Saturday how to handle their wayward Senator, with overwhelming agreement to these conditions:

  • declare and re-affirm support for the immediate elimination of the “Jim Crow relic” known as the Senate Filibuster;

  • closely watch Senator Sinema’s votes in the coming weeks and if Senator Sinema does not vote in favor of filibuster reform to change Senate rules in order to allow the passage of voting rights legislation;
  • and if Senator Sinema votes against, delays, disrupts, or votes to gut the reconciliation package of its necessary funding, then the Arizona Democratic Party State Committee will go officially on record and will give Senate Sinema a vote of NO CONFIDENCE;
  • and in addition, the resolution gives the ADP Chair and the Executive Board the authority and power, if she does not do the right thing, to issue a formal letter of CENSURE to Senator Sinema with the clear understanding she could potentially lose the support of the ADP in 2024.

The ADP resolution is testimony to the work of activists in PDA Arizona, progressives working within the Party structure, including many on its Executive Board, and the broad-based new Arizona Coalition to End the Filibuster. All helped in the writing and in the promoting of the resolution statewide.

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