Are You A Delegate To The Democratic National Convention?

Aug 12, 2020

By Mike Fox for Alan, Deb, Dr. Bill, Mike H., Janis, Kimberly, Bryan, Donna, and Dan — your PDA National Team


Rounding Up The Team


In 2016 we had over 250 PDA delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

We’re hoping we have broken that record this time around.

Please let us know if you’re a delegate, and let us know your delegate type (District, PLEO, or At Large), and for which candidate.

We’ll have a PDA exclusive gathering for those delegates who respond.

If you aren’t a delegate, but want to participate in PDA’s Progressive Central: The People’s Convention, Sunday Aug. 16-Thursday Aug. 20, 3-5pm Eastern, let us know if you haven’t already.  (Note: it’s free, and you can register for just one session if you have scheduling conflicts on a given day.)