American Dream Or Impossible Dream?

Apr 30, 2018

DREAMers Protesting In A U.S. Senate Office (photo)

By  Dan O’Neal for Deb, Donna, Mike F., Judy, Mike H., Janis, Dr. Bill, Bryan, and Kim—your PDA National Team

Demand A Clean DREAM Act

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) stands with the DREAMers, the young people brought to US when they were children or infants, who’ve always kept their records clean, worked hard, and earned our respect. Last week, a Federal court judge ruled that the Trump administration had 90 days to explain why they ordered an end to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The judge said clearly what many of us have been saying all along, that Trump’s original edict to rescind DACA was unlawful and vindictive.

If the government does not come up with a better explanation within the 90-day period, the judge ruled that the administration’s order to rescind DACA will be vacated, and that the Department of Homeland Security must process all renewal applications as well as accept new ones, allowing thousands of young people who have never had DACA protections to apply. This is huge news!

Tell Congress to Pass A Clean DREAM Act

Support The DREAMers

PDA supporter and DREAMer activist Belen Sisa posted on her Facebook page, referring to the judge’s ruling:

In the darkness there will always be a light. We are the light, and our love, stories, and passion to fight will not be put out. It is nice to finally share a little bit of good news for once 💓 love you all!

So our fight continues, despite the failure of Congress to pass legislation protecting DACA recipients. DREAMer-focused organizations like United We Dream and our allies in the progressive movement will not stop until we get a clean DREAM Act passed—permanent protections for DREAMers without attachments for border wall funding or punitive and restrictive new immigration policies. Progressive Democrats of America stands shoulder to shoulder with our DREAMer brothers and sisters.

Join us demanding that the Congress act now to protect these young people who know no home other than the United States.

Just Saturday night at a rally in Michigan, Trump vowed to shut down the government in September if he cannot secure full funding for his wall. We will not let Trump use young immigrants as bargaining chips in his bigoted attempts to get funding for an ineffective and wasteful border wall much less to implement restrictive new anti-immigration laws. Please tell your Senators and Representative to cosponsor the DREAM Act.

Help PDA keep DACA front and center during this critical campaign season. Give $100, $50, $10–any amount you can afford—or make a monthly sustaining gift to fund our efforts to protect DREAMers.

In solidarity and peace,

Dan O’Neal for Deb, Donna, Mike F., Judy, Mike H., Janis, Dr. Bill, Bryan, and Kim—your PDA National Team

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