Almost To Goal re: Sending Mike Fox And Crew To Las Vegas Conference

Jan 30, 2019

photo:Our Revolution’s Nina Turner and PDA’s Mike Fox

In solidarity, The PDA National Team

We’re Over 3/4 Of The Way To Our Goal.  Let’s Make It Happen Today!

Again this year the  big PDA Leadership Conference will be in Las Vegas, New Mexico (not Nevada)

Why there?  Because a long time PDA supporter who owns a gorgeous historic hotel has been kind enough to offer us free space!  So, while we are saving money on the room expenses we still need to get our people to Albuquerque.

Now we need your help to cover some discount travel expenses for our Chapter Leaders and hard working volunteer activists coming in from across the country.

Mike Fox has been a part of PDA since 2006, after running the Samm Simpson for Congress campaign, first as a volunteer FL state coordinator, then onto staff where he wears several hats.  (Literally.)  While he’s perhaps best known as “The Phone Guy”, running our national phone banking operation, he also anchors our Educate Congress Letter Drop campaign, assists in chapter development and fundraising.  We need Mike in Las Vegas to not only present, but do one-on-ones with chapter leaders so their operations are running at full speed.  Our goal is to not only cover his discount travel expenses, but to likewise provide travel stipends for the volunteer leaders.

Over an intense 3 day weekend Feb. 8, 9, and 10, we’ll be developing our road map for success in 2019 and leading into 2020.  We will be go straight up against the Trump agenda so it’s vital that we have our staff and top volunteer leadership in the same room together to quickly and efficiently grind out the plans and begin implementing parts of it while we’re face to face with each other. 

So please become a sponsor for our Leadership Conference by contributing what you can right now.  All contributions of $100 or more will be included in our conference program.  Any amount — even $10 — will be judiciously invested to insure participation for as many of our staff and leadership as possible.  And please consider making your gift a monthly one to help cover our ongoing operations throughout the year.