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Aug 9, 2021 | PDA News

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Tell Your Senators To Enact A Filibuster “Carve Out”
And To Ban Partisan Gerrymandering Now!

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Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) is committed to keeping and improving our republic. If you are as well, tell your Senators to protect voting rights. Please call your Senators now.

PDA is mobilizing with a large network of organizations and individuals to call our Senators demanding passage of legislation to ban partisan gerrymandering this week—before states draw convoluted voting districts that undermine the will of the people.

1. Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected with your Senators’ offices.

2. Ask to speak to the Staffer working on voting rights issues. (Agree to leave a voice mail message if they’re unavailable.)

3. Identify yourself as a constituent by mentioning your home town. Explain that redistricting is about to start, and we cannot wait until after the Senate recess for action.

4. Tell your Senators that they must act immediately to ensure that Congress passes legislation to ban partisan gerrymandering before Districts are drawn for the 2022 midterm elections.

Tell them that you understand that GOP Senators intend to invoke a filibuster to defeat any anti-gerrymandering legislation in order to preserve the national advantage that Republican’s gain by skewing elections through partisan gerrymandering.

As fair elections and voting rights are essential to America’s democratic political system, Senators cannot stand on the sidelines and allow the filibuster to be used to pervert our democracy.

Tell your Senator that they have to act boldly and eliminate the filibuster now – or, at least, create a carve-out in the filibuster for legislation that addresses voting rights – and follow that by passing, on the very same day, a law that makes partisan gerrymandering illegal across the country.

5. Report to to let us know that you’ve made your calls.


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PDA and allies are organizing to defeat 100s of racist Jim Crow voter suppression laws in 43 states, and to pass the For The People Act (S.1) and the The John Lewis Voting Rights Act (HR4), for D.C. Statehood, ending partisan gerrymandering, getting money out of politics, and other pro-democracy reforms.

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The House passed the For The People Act (HR1), but we still have a lot of work to do: We have to urge the Senate to follow suit, and urge both House and Senate to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act (HR4).

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