Act Now! Oppose Trump’s Xenophobia

May 15, 2020

photo: DREAMers Protesting In Senate Office

In solidarity with our brothers and sisters,

Debra Schrishuhn and Dan O’Neal for Alan, Mike F., Janis, Dr. Bill, Donna, Mike H., Kimberly, and Bryan—your PDA National Team

Fight Against Trump’s Xenophobic Policies
Tell The Senate to Pass The DREAM Act
Because the DREAMers Are Here To Stay


Although the Trump administration has been inexcusably slow and bumbling in its response to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been laser-focused on manipulating this massive health crisis to advance its unjust immigration priorities.

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) is determined to prevent this administration from using the pandemic as a springboard to pursue its policies. Help us spread the word by donating generously to PDA today.

Trump has closed the U.S.-Mexico border to non-essential travel. Thousands of legitimate, legal asylum claimants are stuck in limbo on the Mexico side of the border. Many are facing major health, cultural, and economic issues during this pandemic.  Since March 21, only two immigrants seeking asylum have been accepted into the United States.


Tell the Senate to Pass The Dream Act


Support The DREAMers


Over 20,000 migrants have been returned to Mexico or their home countries. On April 22, Trump effectively suspended issuance of Green Cards for persons not already in the U.S. and most work visas. Now the Trump administration wants to keep the borders closed indefinitely, citing its public health authority.

Meanwhile, frontline health care providers who are immigrants are not just risking their lives daily. Should they succumb to COVID-19, their families can be targeted for immediate deportation. DACA recipients who are health care providers face the uncertainty of deportation even as they struggle to save lives in the only country they have ever known.

Immigrants, both documented and undocumented, who work in designated essential businesses (for example, meat-processing plants and agricultural field work) are at risk both for catching COVID-19 and for facing deportation of themselves or family members while seeking medical help.

Help PDA keep these issues in front of the public, and hold elected officials accountable for inadequate, inhumane, and unconscionable policy decisions that increase suffering and death during these traumatic times.


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