A Win in Georgia is a Win for Democracy and a Future of Promise

Nov 27, 2022 | PDA News

Alan Minsky, Executive Director Progressive Democrats of America  


PDA Fights for Victory in Georgia, Understanding the Possibilities that a Win Creates for Building a Just and Prosperous America in Harmony with the Planet.


At PDA we understand the long game.

Yes, we were thrilled that our hard work helped prevent a red wave during the midterms, but we also were disappointed that Democrats didn’t hold the House and gain two seats in the Senate so that we could make Roe v Wade and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act the law of the land.

However, we know that we came close and we know that if Raphael Warnock is re-elected in the special election next week, we will stand poised to achieve those goals in 2024.

Indeed with a Warnock victory, all we need to do in ’24 is win the White House (which we should), win back the House (which we should), and win every seat we hold in the Senate – only with a real Democrat winning in Arizona (which we can!).

Thus, we are working non-stop to insure the excellent Senator from Georgia wins a full term on December 6th – and once we win in Georgia we will not relent in letting the American people know the great things we can achieve with victories in 2024.

By codifying Roe we re-affirm that America is a society of equals, as we must. It is only by re-affirming and securing our democracy that we can address and conquer structural racism, wealth inequality, and the other endemic woes that plague our society — including the climate emergency — and proceed to build a prosperous and progressive America.

Together we can, together we will.

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