A Welcome Change in Direction: Support for Immigrant Rights

Jan 24, 2021

In peace and solidarity,

Dan O’Neal and Debra Schrishuhn for the PDA National Team

Immigration Policy Gains Require Hard Work at the Grassroots Level


Joe Biden’s presidency represents both a mandate and opportunity for delivering bold policies on immigration and immigrant communities. After enduring four long years of scapegoating, ostracizing, and dehumanizing migrants, asylum seekers, and immigrants—both documented and undocumented—the Biden administration started unwinding Trumpian policies on Day One.

PDA applauds President Biden’s quick and decisive action to reverse harmful policies and embrace protections for DREAMers and people on Temporary Protected Status. We heartily approve of the sweeping immigration reform bill being introduced, while recognizing that it is but a first step and a very difficult one at that, given the Republican Party’s anti-immigrant rhetoric of the recent past (and present).

The Biden administration’s priority on immigration policy owes to years of organized pressure from progressive pro-immigrant activists and organizations like United We Dream, Raices, PDA, and scores of local community-based organizations. Now we must keep up the momentum to show grassroots support for comprehensive immigration reform, ending discriminatory policies, and restoring dignity for all humanity to our national discourse.

President Biden’s executive orders are critical to reversing some of the Trump administration’s worst policies, but we need legislative action to secure these gains.

Please call your Representative and Senators today and urge passage of comprehensive and humane immigration reform now. Then let us know how your call went. Join our Congressional Office Liaison team in your congressional district. No time for action? Please donate $46, $27, $10, or whatever you can afford to help PDA elect progressives who will champion immigrants’ rights.