A Week to Rest, Reflect, Regenerate—and Win Georgia!

Dec 26, 2020

For a more progressive 2021,

Alan Minsky, Executive Director, for the PDA National Team


Let’s Make 2021 the Year that Progressives Win
the National Political Debate

This past week showed that every week in contemporary American politics is as important as the next. This is supposed to be a slow time of year for politics. As of last weekend, we thought a new stimulus package and a 2021 Federal Budget were a fait accompli. Now: who knows how this mess will resolve? Will there be a larger stimulus or no stimulus at all? Will the government itself be shuttered?

The mainstream Democrats and the GOP have made a mess of this process. In contrast, progressive positions like $2,000 stimulus checks and Medicare for All are super popular with the general public.

As such, now is not the time for progressives to stand down. One of the oldest cliches in politics is that out of crisis comes possibility. The right wing has exploited circumstances across the globe over the past five decades, as described in Naomi Klein’s classic work, The Shock Doctrine.

It is time for progressives to take the initiative in calling out the inadequacies of both the right and the political center. We must loudly proclaim our vision for a recovery package—and also for building a new, more just economic and social order in the wake of the COVID-19 crises.

So, even as we find time this week to rest and be with loved ones, know that our political movement is poised to make great strides in 2021. We’re going to come out fighting in the new year—help PDA transform American politics.

Indeed, we can start the year with a bang by capturing control of the U.S. Senate with dual victories in Georgia.  Support PDA’s efforts to win in Georgia!