A Run Bernie Run Weekend

Jan 25, 2019

Let’s have a great showing for Bernie this weekend!  Alan Minsky for Mike F., Janis, Mike H., Deb, Bryan, Kimberly, Shayna, Dan, and Dr. Bill — Your PDA National Team

Join in This Weekend’s Big Push to Draft Senator Sanders

PDA is partnering with Our Revolution and other organizations in a nationwide campaign this weekend to draft Bernie Sanders to run for President. We call on all PDAers to join the fun.

A couple weeks ago there were hundreds of house parties across the country, many sponsored by PDA. This weekend (Jan. 26 and 27), the goal is to collect signatures calling on Bernie to run by either hitting the streets with clipboards, or hosting events. There are already more than 100 events planned once again.

Here’s a link that tells you how to set up an event and get the petition for gathering signatures. Questions?  Contact Mike Fox.

Here’s the official press release for the weekend’s event.  Please spread the word.

In the press release I explain why I feel we need to draft Bernie: “The 2020 Presidential race is going to engage the entire country, and the world, on the most fundamental issues of our time. In 2016, Bernie gave voice to sentiments felt by millions of Americans – on wealth inequality, health care,education, climate change, criminal justice, foreign policy, and more – that previously had no expression in mainstream politics. We know that Bernie will do the same in 2020 because of his depth of feeling for humanity and his deep understanding of American society at this crucial hour of our history.”  

Can’t host or attend an event?  Then please toss in what you can to help us support the volunteers across the country who are.
Let’s have a great showing for Bernie this weekend!

Alan Minsky for Mike F., Janis, Mike H., Deb, Bryan, Kimberly, Shayna, Dan, and Dr. Bill — Your PDA National Team

PS:  Click here for a video of Alan calling for Bernie to run, recorded at one of the campaign kickoff events at the Bernie Coffee Shop in Los Angeles. 


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