53 Years of Medicare and MFA

Sep 10, 2018

Photo: The Launch Of The Medicare For All Caucus

By  Dr. Bill Honigman for Mike F., Mike H., Shayna, Donna, Judy, Deb, Dan, Bryan, Kim, and Janis—Your Progressive Democrats of America National Team

Tell Your Representative To Join
the Medicare For All Caucus!

Tell Your Representative To Cosponsor
Improved Medicare For All Legislation!

Earlier this Summer, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) and allied organizations celebrated the 53rd anniversary of Medicare and the launch of the new Medicare For All Caucus. We’re working within a growing and effective coalition to support the new caucus and to build support for Healthcare as a Human Right.

Tell Your Representative To Join The Medicare For All Caucus

More than 70 members of Congress have already joined the caucus to help build support for H.R. 676, the Expanded and Improved Medicare For All Act. and PDA is an important part of that mobilization (as well as organizing for Bernie Sanders’ healthcare bill). Click here to read more about the caucus launch.

Since the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primaries, it is now commonly understood that Single Payer enhanced and improved #MedicareForAll will save money not cost more, and it will save lives. Democrats overwhelmingly support improved Medicare for All, as do most independents and Republicans!

We must now move ahead to an national Healthcare program, under which all the people get all the care they need—including long term care, eye care, dental, mental health, pharmaceuticals, medical devices—all without copays, deductibles, lifetime caps. Everybody in, nobody out.

Healthcare is as essential to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as the need for clean air and clean water. These are human rights given practical day-to-day in civilized societies, which excludes America until we do likewise. We must demand that our elected officials step up or step aside. We demand that our Congress members cosponsor HR 676 and that our Senators cosponsor S 1804—the national Medicare for All Acts—and join the new Medicare for All Caucus.

Healthcare is a human right, not a commodity or privilege. The USA spends by far the most on healthcare per person of any nation in the world, yet our healthcare outcomes are mediocre at best. This is because private for-profit insurance, Big Pharma, and other greed-driven entities drive up the costs of care, and too often delay or deny care to boost their bottom line.

PDA chapters nationwide will hold public events and other programs, canvass, and lobby our elected officials, working alongside our allies, to dramatize our national failure to guarantee high quality healthcare as a human right. Please donate generously now to help PDA mobilize activists and keep us organizing for Medicare for All. Money tight? Then sign up for PDA’s Healthcare Human Rights organizing team. Click here and make sure the box for Healthcare Human Rights is checked.

We can’t do anything without you. Please support PDA now! Support our efforts with a generous donation now. Money short? Then contact Mike “Phone Guy” Fox to sign up to make important movement mobilizing phone calls .

In solidarity,

Dr. Bill Honigman for Mike F., Mike H., Shayna, Donna, Judy, Deb, Dan, Bryan, Kim, and Janis—Your Progressive Democrats of America National Team

P.S. We’re here to help you make progress in your state and locality! If you need any help organizing a new PDA chapter or energizing your existing chapter, please contact PDA Field Coordinator Dan O’Neal.