Sunday Town Hall: Against the Privatization of Medicare, For the Establishment of Climate Preserves

Feb 17, 2023 | PDA News

At this Sunday’s PDA Town Hall, we will learn about something very bad that PDA will mobilize against: “Medicare Advantage” programs and other privatization schemes targeting seniors.

Then we will learn about something very good that PDA supports: a heroic effort to establish a climate preserve in the Midwest, a potential model for the rest of the Country! RSVP Now!


In the first hour of Sunday’s Progressive Town Hall, which begins as always at 4pm ET, we will hear a very important presentation by Dr. Eve Shapiro entitled The Corporatization of Medicare.

First Medicare Advantage and now ACO-REACH: what they are and why we must stop them now before we can get national health insurance.

Eve Shapiro is a pediatrician in Tucson, Arizona, and a longtime member of PDA-Arizona. She is also on the national board of Physicians for a National Health Program.

Then in the second hour, we’ll hear from John B. Wallace, a retired public land manager at Cedar Lake and Southern Illinois University Carbondale Touch of Nature environmental educator.

A founding member of Shawnee Forest Defense, John has fought for decades to protect the Shawnee Forest in Southern Illinois from U.S. Forest Service logging. Now he is spear-heading the effort to transfer the Shawnee to the National Park Service and create the nation’s first Climate Preserve.

He will tell us about these efforts, and how determined activists around the country can advocate for a network of climate preserves to combat human-driven climate change, provide much-needed habitat for wildlife, enhance sustainable recreational opportunities, and boost local economies in rural areas where they are sorely needed.

Sign up to reserve your space for this important Town Hall this Sunday at 4pm ET/1pm PT. You’ll leave energized and activated!

In solidarity,

Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team


  1. Duane Short

    I fully support the SNP&CP idea!

  2. Kerry Jackson

    This is very informative, I’m 67 and have original Medicare with a supplement and a part D plan, but so many are signing up for Advantage plans now because of the 0 dollar premium. I’ve been searching for a video like this that can be shared with others. Will this be available on YouTube or other web-site ?

  3. Ann Lamb

    I believe I am a member and I strongly support Progressive values, but I have prior commitments on Sunday afternoons. Is there a recording of the presentations given today? Especially interested in threats to Medicare.

    • Matt Fouts

      Hi Ann, yes you can rewatch the presentation on our YouTube channel:

  4. Shel Keitel

    Really looking forward to segment on Medicare Advantage targeting seniors. I have had good experiences. but I have also been hoodwinked a time or two. There are vultures out there looking for old gray sheep…. If you’re not familiar with PDA but would like to be more politically engaged, check out the PDA Click Brigade. a good way to contribute to progressive messaging with a minimum investment of time.