PDA Weekly Review and Preview for 2-04-23. Join us!

Feb 4, 2023 | PDA News

Much Done, and Much More to Do:
Here’s How We Can All Help Bring Home Wins


We been fighting the Trumpist attacks on the social safety net, Rep. Ilhan Omar, and democracy in general over the past week, along with working to make sure Jennifer McClellan wins the special election in VA-04 to become the first woman of color from Virginia to go to DC!

We’ll continue to fight for equality, justice, and peace over the upcoming week, and we hope you’ll be joining us.

Please consider picking one or more of these actions/projects, and let’s make some noise together. We need you in the game today!

1) Progressive Virtual Town Hall Sunday: Black History Month, the Upcoming State of the Union, and more. We’ll discuss how we can beat back the Trumpist attacks on vital social programs and other justice issues and actions to bend the arc of justice in the right direction. You’ll leave energized and organized. RSVP here.

2) Join the National Phone Team. Sign up with this juggernaut and make a real difference an hour here, an hour there, on your schedule. Sign up here, let us know what day you can set an hour aside, and we’ll get you cookin’ calling fellow PDA folks. We’ll make sure you’re doing something easy but productive!


3) Become a local Congressional Office Liaison. Work with others in your area to promote progressive legislation. Sign up here and we’ll get you all the training you need to be successful.4) For “Clicktivists”:


Thanks so much for anything you can do.

In solidarity,

Mike Fox for the PDA National Team

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  1. rod repke

    The state of the nation today reminds me of the Wiemar Republic in Germany in 1933. Why is it so impossible to get rid of the bad actors in the GOP (and the Democratic Party also). Why is everyone so afraid to prosecute Donald Trump and his sycophants like Marjory Taylor Greene, Paul Gosar, Lauren Boebert, Jim Jordan, and for that matter judge Clarence Thomas–all of whom were directly involved or directly supported the insurrection–they are traitors–or at the very least “persons of interest” and threats to national security and should be treated as such.

    And the most outrageous and incomprehensible thing to me as a citizen, voter and taxpayer is the fact that the arch-insurrectionist himself, Donald Trump, is a viable presidential candidate while MTG promots herself as VP running mate.

    If this is how democratic republics function under “rule-of-law” no wonder they periodically fail and are subverted by authoritarian regimes–like the average large corporation, the economic version of a political dictatorship–an authoritarian regime in its own right where the CEO is a veritable dictator.

    The way American elections are financed is the biggest problem. A mere handful of Forbes 400 multi-billionaires and Fortune 500 CEOs can buy and sell elections out of their petty cash funds. It’s the “cash-roots”, not the “grass-roots” that swing elections–aided by a corrupt SCOTUS and corporate media giants functioning as right-wing political propaganda machines.