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California Trumps Trump

By  Dr Bill Honigman, PDA Calif State Coordinator Help Progressive Candidates Win! Click here to be a Win 2018 Sustainer Each Tuesday, PDA features a progressive hero, a group, or even a concept that “Trumps Trump.” Today, we honor the Progressive Democrats in...

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Get Active! Things To Do Right Now!

By  Mike Hersh for Donna, Mike F., Amos, Janis, Deb, Bryan, Kim, Dan, Judy, Dr. Bill and the rest of the PDA team Today Is Activist Saturday. Here Are 8 Great Effective Actions You Can Do! Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) has been busy this past week. Sunday we...

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Quick Recap From The Huge Health Care Summit.

By  Mike Fox for Mike H., Donna, Deb, Janis, Kimberly, Bryan, Dan, Judy, and Dr. Bill—your PDA National Team Building On The Successes Of The Big Health Care Summit   A huge coalition including PDA, National Nurses United, Our Revolution, Healthcare-Now, Social...

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Common Sense About Guns

By   Debra Schrishuhn for Mike H., Donna, Mike F., Amos, Janis, Deb, Kimberly, Bryan, Dan, Judy, and Dr. Bill—your PDA National Team End Gun Violence. Support Common Sense Gun Safety. Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) demands that Congress act now to address mass...

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Act Now! Call Congress!

By  Mike Hersh for Donna, Dan, Mike F., Janis, Amos, Deb, Kimberly, Bryan, Judy, and Dr. Bill—your PDA National Team DREAMers Trump Trump Call Congress (202)-224-3121 & Say: “We Need A Clean Dream Act Now” Every Tuesday, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA)...

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FULL SPEECH: 2018 Democratic Response to SOTU

By Janis Kay, National Online Media Director - Progressive Democrats of America Representative Joseph P. Kennedy IlI Democratic Response To The State of the Union:     Click here for The New York Times Full Transcript and Video: Joe Kennedy Delivers Democratic...

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Think health care is a human right? Join us Feb. 16 and 17!

By Mike Fox, Deputy Exec. Director/FL State Coordinator Join The "Health Care Is A Human Right" Grass Roots Revolution We're going to make history at the Embassy Suites hotel in West Palm Beach, FL, Feb. 16 and 17 as activists from across the state and nationally...

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Bernie 2020?

By Donna Smith, Executive Director - Progressive Democrats of America Sign & Share The Petition To Say: “Run Bernie, Run!” We at Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) first launched our “Run Bernie Run” petition in 2013 when our late founder, Tim Carpenter and our...

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